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Become an Author

Write Your Non-Fiction Book

Consider these questions:

  • Have you ever thought about becoming an author?

  • Would you like to learn the steps to producing a manuscript?

  • What about the steps to self-publishing?

If you answered, 'yes' to any of the previous questions, this seminar is for you.

From planning and conducting market research, to creating and editing your manuscript, this program covers a proven method that enables you to produce your book. Then there's publishing and marketing; all the steps are covered.

Authors are considered experts, leaders in their field, and seen as the people to turn to when answers are needed. You can enhance your professional repute, land better clients and improve your public image - regardless of profession.

Now is the time to take this next step in your professional development and begin making a difference by joining a very exclusive group.


You can expect to learn author best practices and:

  • Determine if your topic is worth the effort required of an author.

  • Conduct a quick market feasibility study to measure needed resources.

  • Learn a writing system used by published authors.

  • Go from start to finish in 90 days.


  • Keys to planning your first book.

  • Keeping your audience in mind at all times.

  • The NLP Meta Model and Milton Model.

  • Setting simple production goals.

  • The NLP Hierarchy of ideas.

  • A checklist to cover 25 points before you write a word.

  • The Disney creativity model.

  • How to 'data-dump' using mind mapping techniques.

  • How to write proprietary phrases you get to keep.

  • How to break down ideas into chapters and paragraphs.

  • When to stop writing and start editing.

  • The 10 keys of effective style and editing.

  • How to embellish your written chapters.

  • Story boarding for better overall connection of ideas.

  • Writing and time management.

  • Finding editors and readers - and knowing the difference.

  • Keys to self publishing to save time and money.

  • Writing your 'pitch one sheet' so publishers pay attention.

  • Enhanced book promotion for best results.

  • How to sell hundreds of books at a time.

  • Publishing e-books and creating profit centers.

  • How to use Amazon and other book distributors.

This session also feature the use of NLP to maintain motivation, focus and creativity. It can prove to be as challenging as it is life/career changing. Get more information and start the process today.

Audience = Soon to be authors at any level.

Contact us if you have any questions.