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The Business Makeover

Re-Assess and Grow Your Business

It is common that being involved in the day-to-day operation of your business takes away the ability to see the bigger picture (the forest from the trees) and this leads to all sorts of issues including:

  • High stress caused by change, growth and major decisions.

  • Questioning of weather or not to remain in business.

  • Broken relationships due to strained interactions.

  • Growth related fear of losing control.

  • Reluctance to go from a mom-and-pop type of business to a more formal, larger enterprise.


Whatever the issue, it begins in the owner's mind and that is where it needs resolution - before anything happens in the organization.


  • Diagnose root-cause of current pressing issues.

  • Redefine organization direction.

  • Identify change strategy with implementation timeline.

  • Reestablish overall vision and value proposition.

  • Adjust market strategic plan.


Main Topics


The Complete Business Makeover focuses on re-evaluating the major components of the business including:

  • The original concept and value in the market.

  • Company messaging - one story to tell the world.

  • Company vision, mission and value statements.

  • The organization's current values and beliefs in the marketplace.

  • The owner's vision of success.

  • The owner's stress levels and how they impact daily outcomes.

  • Stress management strategies.

  • The business model including:

- How the business conducts daily operations [overall].

- The business product or service.

- Market identification and strategy.

- Company sales model.

- The public story.

- The sales presentation given by associates.

- Company flow-chart and productivity model.

- Elimination of inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

  • Leader development strategies

  • Business coping strategies

  • Personal assessment - development - change.

The business owner [CEO] is then assessed to discover personal barriers to expected growth and development. In many instances the company behaves just like the most influential executives think.


If it is necessary to adjust leadership thinking, then NLP is used for this purpose. The main 'deliverable' is a complete operating plan, a strategic plan including a series of measurable goals and daily priorities. 

Audience = Business owners, C-level leadership.


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