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Coaching is a relationship-based agreement whereby a trained professional helps another (or a group of people) improve their results, overcome issues, achieve their goals or create a new future. Our proprietary coaching system is based on Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP.
NLP is powered by its methodology - modeling of successful individuals and transfer of skills to the client. This means that from day one, you will learn new thought patterns and use techniques that will immediately begin the transformation process. Clients experience profound change and positive results as of the first session.​ More on NLP.
Specific Fields
Dr. Carlos is able to assist his clients in the following key areas:
- Personal Development (Overcoming personal blocks to success)
- Small Business Success (All aspects of small business)
Marketing and Sales Presentations (From Basic to Advanced skills are developed by clients in this program.
Who works best with Dr. Carlos Sanchez?
Serious minded people who want to increase their self-confidence, achieve enhanced performance or work on a specific project like write a book, become a professional speaker or an NLP coach.  
The approach is straight-forward - no frills - just learning, change-work and personal growth. Each session is guaranteed to include enormous value. This is the difference between an NLP-based relationship and more traditional coaching.
Using NLP tools and techniques you will make quick, pain-free, positive changes and grow so fast, you will be amazed. Click Here to view a list of corporate clients.
NLP Coaching Packages
Open Ended Coaching (3 Session Minimum)
This is our short-term plan that serves clients as they navigate different scenarios in life including career, self development, leadership, etc.
6-Session Package 
Full initial assessment, design of specific goals and the use of NLP to provide powerful personal change. Contact us for more information.
9-Session Package 
This package is best for Executive and Success Coaching. Speed over 3-6 months, it has a success focus and is designed to transfer skills to the client while providing accountability toward set objectives. 
It initiates with a full strategic gol setting session and defined outcomes with metrics. Contact us for more information.
What to Expect
Over a decade of experience with hundreds of people leaves us able to tell you what to expect.
Here are a few things to consider:
1. A true sense of capability (confidence and self-belief) that results from mental adjustments made during your sessions.
2. Rapid changes when dealing with issues of all types. This is what NLP and Hypnosis are most known for in the field of personal development.
3. Learn a proprietary methodology that Dr. Carlos has fully researched and tested with hundreds before you. While it is not a cookie-cutter approach, there are certain steps followed in each type of coaching that is done. You take this with you.
4. Strategies for moving towards your goals quickly.
5. Increased motivation and discipline.
6. Mindsets and tools that make you MUCH more resourceful.
7. Knowledge and skills to coach yourself out of future blocks.
8. Courage to pursue your dream project or job.
9. Control over your mind to create the life you desire.
10. Techniques to control negative emotions like fear, anger, sadness and stress so they never hold you back.
11. More balance across all parts of your life: work, health, family, social life, mental development.
12. Solid long-range plans for your: career, business, and personal development.
13. Better communication skills to handle: family, employees, boss, or coworkers.
14. Encouragement, support, and accountability.
15. An amazing life-long resource for continued growth.
Once you become a part of our community, you always have access the resources we offer. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.