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The Pill

Resolve Any Challenge in 4 Sessions - Guaranteed

The Pill is a specialized NLP program designed for focused resolution and quick results. It entails four intense NLP sessions where you can deal with any issue and achieve your goal with our guarantee.

This helps ensure you will deal with one issue until it is resolved. No time is wasted on unnecessary discussions, no need to keep you as our client for extended periods and no need for you to feel uncomfortable. NLP is known for achieving fast results and this can be your experience.


You will also be able to change any limiting belief, values conflict or negative emotion. A few examples of what our clients have achieved include:


 People who take The Pill are able to:

  • Quickly resolve any emotional obstacle to their success.

  • Make decisions that are best for them.

  • Achieve more freedom of behavior as control over them is released.

  • Resolve internal conflicts that cause fear and anxiety.

  • Get immediate relief to issues like insomnia, anxiety and stress.

The Pill also serves as a great introduction to NLP and is designed to keep you out of the weekly visit drama that comes with full time counseling. Results are guaranteed - after our initial assessment.


  • Carefully define the presenting challenge.

  • Make a professional recommendation and plan of action.

  • Implement the plan in a private setting until the expected outcome is achieved.

The Pill is a focused problem-solution model that helps you deal with issues that do not require a major intervention. It serves as a quick resource in times of immediate results.

The Pill is Best with These Types of Challenges

  • Reduce Stress

  • Mitigate Anxiety about Upcoming Events

  • Get Over Relationships

  • Change Limiting Beliefs

  • Set Goals from Now to the Future

  • Improve Your Communication Skills

  • Stop Nail Biting

  • Improve Sports Performance

  • Heal from Surgery – Faster

  • Stop Worrying About Money

  • Give Better Presentations

  • Mitigate Abuse Impact

  • Resolve Conflicts with Your Partner or Coworkers

  • Sleep Like a Baby

  • Manage PTSD

  • Define Your Life’s Purpose

  • Have More Success

  • Clear Anger and Sadness

  • Become a Positive Person

  • Attract Your Ideal Partner

  • Fight Cancer

  • Be More Persuasive

  • Provide Group Motivation

  • Increase Self-Motivation

  • Stop Self-Criticism

  • Examine Past Lives

  • Recover Buried Memories

  • Overcome Grief

  • Make Better Decisions

  • Learn Anything Faster

  • Improve Prayer

  • Think and Grow Rich

  • Change Limiting Beliefs

  • Improve Self-Esteem

  • Stop Overeating

  • Childhood Issues

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Duration = 4 Sessions