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Carlos A. Sanchez, PhD

Carlos A. Sanchez is a performance improvement expert, a master NLP practitioner and a PhD in Human Performance Management. Since 1995 he has delivered success coaching, seminars and workshops to hundreds of organizations and thousands of professionals.

He is also past president of the National Speakers Association - Dallas Chapter and Houston Chapter, and has authored over 40 books, CDs and language programs. His clients include top organizations like the Cleveland Clinic, Baylor HealthCare System, Marriott Hotels, Sonic, and Hooters of America.

Currently Dr. Carlos serves as President of the Texas Gulf Coast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, one of the fastest growing Hispanic Chambers in Texas, and speaks regularly on different topics.

Dr. Carlos has spent over 20 years researching; speaking about, and helping others overcome all sorts of challenges. From overcoming fear to writing a book, Dr. Sanchez offers a wide variety of proven programs. His methodology features NLP, Timeline Neuro Science, Clinical Hypnosis and Advanced Human Performance Technology.


His speeches and seminars have been experienced by people from all over the world and he continues to deliver tools, techniques and strategies for infusing the mind with positive resources so every recipient's quality of life improves.


His credentials include:

  • PhD in Clinical and Performance Management

  • Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Master NLP Coach

  • Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP)

  • Language Teacher since 1979

  • Author of over 40 books and audio programs in two languages

  • Over 15 years of corporate executive experience

  • Past President - National Speakers Association North Texas 2008

  • Past President of ISPI Dallas - 2010

  • Dean of Speakers Academy NSA Houston - 2015-2017

  • President/CEO The Texas Gulf Coast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

  • President of Leaders Without Borders since 1996


Dr. C's passion for working with people to eliminate roadblocks and help them reach higher levels of performance is what makes him stand out in a crowd. That and the fact that he stands 6'4".


Based in Houston, Texas, USA with an additional office in The Woodlands.

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