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Global Leadership

The Leaders Without Borders Workshop

In an ever increasing multicultural business and work environment, American born and raised leaders must poses a new set of skills that help them be as effective as possible. In order to lead people both nationally and internationally, leaders must communicate effectively, persuade and command respect. In essence, they need global skills to deliver world-class results. 

Leaders benefit by demonstrating:

  • Increased awareness of global points of view.

  • Enhanced communication ability and creation of widely accepted messages.

  • The ability to interpret non-verbal communication.

  • Greater sensitivity to people who think outside the mainstream.

  • Knowledge of the seven most important worldviews and how they impact leadership.

  • Use of the five bridge-building behaviors that mark a difference with people from all over the world.

  • Specific techniques for building trust.


Primary Objectives

This workshop is designed to establish a firm foundation in multicultural leadership as well as international communication. 

  • Demonstrated knowledge of the ability to navigate between cultures.

  • Verbalization of the keys to establishing trust and rapport with anyone, at any time.

  • Communication mastery to consistent messages are sent every time.

  • The creation of a globally accepted personal message and call to action.


Leaders Without Borders

  1. Do you work with people who speak primarily Spanish?

  2. Are you experiencing a language barrier? 

  3. Ever wonder if you are being misunderstood? 

  4. Would you like to eliminate language barriers, create more trust, respect and collaboration?

  5. Have 'cultural' issues or 'different' dynamics left you wondering what to do or how to proceed to improve quality, productivity or collaboration?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, this seminar is for you.

The fact is most leaders believe they are as effective with English speakers as they are with Spanish speakers. Although they struggle to communicate effectively and are not always sure how or why things get done, their tendency is to ignore breakdowns or simply place blame on the Spanish-speaking population. This common tendency forgoes responsibility as results suffer.

If your group is made up of people that work with or want to positively improve communication and relations with their Spanish-speaking coworkers, residents or patients, this one-of-a-kind presentation will show them the way.

Based on over fifteen years of research and implementation, this workshop is designed to give your audience the tools they need to improve interactions, create mutual trust and increase respect with people from the growing, Hispanic culture.


Secondary Objectives

This workshop is designed to give participants the tools they need to become "bridge-builders" and navigate between English and Spanish speaking cultures with ease, familiarity and grace. Specifically:

  • Eliminate language and cultural barriers.

  • Enhance relations with Spanish speakers.

  • Achieve multicultural intelligence.

  • Manage cultural conflict and achieve resolution.

  • Provide culturally sensitive services to Spanish speakers.

  • Communicate with cultural intelligence. 

  • Improve their ability to communicate with non-English speakers.

  • Increase trust, respect and loyalty.

  • Learn to work with Spanish speakers in a team environment.

An ideal audience includes professionals from a variety of industries that:

  • Employ people who speak mostly Spanish.

  • Manage establishments that serve Spanish speakers.

  • Sell to the Spanish-speaking consumer.

  • Provide goods and services to Spanish speakers.

  • Want to improve their leadership effectiveness.

  • Want to increase trust, respect and loyalty.

  • Want to learn to achieve world class results through presenting.

  • Are interested in improving department performance.

  • Want to anticipate challenges and avoid intercultural conflicts.

  • Would like to mitigate a language and cultural barrier.


This one-of-a-kind program is designed to enhance teamwork, create synergy, and maintain a long-term environment of trust, respect and awareness. 

Audience = Organization leaders.

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