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The Complete Life Makeover

What if You Could Do it All Over Again?

This program is designed to help participants turn their emotional counters back to zero. By re-examining their personal vision, defining their values and goals, then creating a life plan, they achieve higher levels of motivation and zest for life.


Past issues are reassessed and goals are identified. Life is rebooted to new possibilities.


The primary objectives of the Complete Life Makeover include:

  • Assess satisfaction in all major life areas of life - physical, mental, emotional, financial, etc.

  • Identify current life vision.

  • Decide to create a new and improved life vision.

  • Conduct a personal SWOT assessment.

  • Establish priorities from this point forward.

  • Eliminate all roadblocks including negative emotions like fear, anger, hurt, sadness, guilt, etc.

  • Establish goals and new behaviors,.

  • Use NLP to install goals and behavior for their achievement.


The outcomes of this process are always powerful. From new vision comes new life, with the rearranging of personal history and the reduction of negative emotional baggage, the possibilities are endless.



There are four parts to this unique session:

  1. Assessment of satisfaction in life's major areas including career, relationships, fitness, finances, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

  2. Creation of new life vision.

  3. Personal evaluation and change work where there are blocks and performance issues.

  4. Goal setting and installation of new behaviors moving forward.



  • Reassess your current life condition.

  • Determine your ideal life from here on.

  • Eliminate all negative emotional baggage.

  • Make peace with the past.

  • Set new goals for the year.

  • Learn to think like a person who accomplishes their goals.

  • Use advanced NLP to reprogram your mind for success.

  • Network with professionals like yourself.

This specialized program will help reset your emotional and mental counters to zero. You will start living the life you were meant to live in every important area.

Audience = People who wish to re-evaluate their life - in all its facets.

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