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Marketing Makeover

The fact is, each year companies spend millions of dollars on ineffective marketing strategies. Without a clear value proposition, easy access and fast delivery, they are at odds with success. This makes business owners and executives despise the marketing function - mainly because they don't understand it well enough to get the results they need or desire. 
Our Marketing Makeover program takes apart your public message, repurposes your materials, clears up any confusion and resets your perceived value. We look at every aspect being transmitted to your potential customers and how they are reacting before we help rewrite your marketing plan.
Main Makeover activities include:
  • Marketing Plan Review and Audit
  • Marketing Materials Review and Improvement
    • Logos
    • Tag Lines
    • Brochures​
    • Business Cards
    • Give Aways
  • Public Image Renewal
  • 45-Second Commercial Design - To be Used in Public 
  • Effective One-Liner Design
  • Website Audit & Redesign Suggestions
  • Specific Actions and Promotion Activities for Best Results
  • Weekly Accountability Meetings
Similar to our other Makeover programs, we reestablish your values, mission and main selling points to come up with a metrics-based plant that will work. Starting at $695 plus $299 monthly for 3 months. You can also pay $1,495 one time.
For a quick Marketing Audit Checklist, please contact us today.
To contact Dr. Carlos Sanchez, you can email DrC@LeadersWithoutBorders.com