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Memory Management

You Are Your Memory

The fact is our behavior is based on two sources: inspiration and memory. When inspiration is flowing, we are able to act from a higher self, a better version of ourselves, free of fear and other negative emotion.

When our memory prevails, our behavior is based on programs or learned values, beliefs and attitudes. This creates a predictable life - riddled with challenges and obstacles. For example, if you learned that you have illness in your family, you will expect and create the same illness. If you believe your partner will behave like your parents, likely is you will create the same circumstances for yourself. Memory plays key role in our unhappiness.

Our memory serves to remind us of how things are supposed to be. If you intervene your memory and change the impact of traumatic circumstances, you will not replay the memory because it will not be there. You will become inspired, motivated and empowered.

People who live free from memory are able to:

  • Increase faith, confidence and knowing they are never alone.

  • Make better life decisions.

  • Create more enriched relationships.

  • Heal past relationship issues.

  • Enjoy listening to the Devine and following inspired instructions.

Living an inspired life is completely possible. Sustaining an inspired life is the challenge. That is why memory management is necessary, easy and painless.


  • Completely reevaluate your early memories and assess their dominance in your current life circumstances.

  • Remove all trauma from your life using advanced NLP and Timeline techniques.

  • Make your past consistent with your future.

  • Create a more compelling future by install future memories.

  • Begin a life of inspiration using advanced tools and techniques.

Managing your memory is a critical step on your path to evolution and self development. As you begin to gain more of what you want in life it becomes important to align your memory because if not, your memory will remind you to be the person you were before success.


  • Why Memory Management is important.

  • How memory impacts current life conditions.

  • The benefits of inspired living.

  • Using NLP and Timeline techniques to evaluate specific challenge areas.

  • Understanding root cause of current issues.

  • Keys to reprogramming your mind for best results.

  • Keys to eliminating anger, fear, guilt, sadness, hurt and anxiety.

  • Introduction to modern Ho 'opono pono.

  • Introduction to traditional Ho 'opono pono.

  • How to recognize when you become free of hurtful memories.

  • Overcoming life issues using memory management.

  • How to use a routine that sustains memory management.

The overall intention is that you find a deeper connection to your inspiration and live a more inspired, fearless existence. 

Audience = People who no longer wish to be bothered by their past.

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