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New Book

By Dr. Carlos Sanchez

Deliver High Impact 45-Second Commercials

  • Do you stand in front of groups and speak about your business and/or service?

  • Ever dread these presentations? 

  • Do you spend time wondering what you will say so the audience will respond with leads?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the previous questions, this book is for you!

Most small business owners and service professionals struggle to put together and deliver the key points that will get attention and lead to sales. Audiences are left confused and wondering how to help. This book solves that problem and guarantees you will be heard and found interesting to the right prospect.


In a very simple and systematic way author Carlos Sanchez, PhD takes apart the process of creating and delivering high impact commercials that get results. Using principles based on Neuro-science, Dr. Sanchez shares many advertising and persuasion secrets you can use to impact your networking groups for best results.


Some of the main topics include:

  • The traits of Effective Commercials

  • Words and Phrases to Avoid

  • Simple Ways to Identify Your Ideal Prospect

  • How to Measure Your Impact

  • Understand You Are Paid to Solve Problems

  • The Parts of Effective Commercials

  • The Value Pyramid and its Use

  • Your Calls to Action

  • Worksheets and Space to Write

This book can change the way you speak about your business. Invest today in what can be the biggest game-changer of the year for your business.

Investment = $20

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