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NLP Practitioner Certification

This certification program fully covers the standards and learning objectives set forth by the American NLP Association.

In highly interactive and exercise-based sessions, you will learn the major patterns and techniques of NLP as well as the latest coaching, hypnosis and marketing techniques. 

You will acuire the ability to identify the following basic skills, techniques, patterns and concepts of NLP and to utilize them competently with self and with others.


  • Behavioral integration of the basic presuppositions of NLP, including:


  1. Outcome orientation with respect for others’ models of the world and the ecology of the system.

  2. Distinction between map and territory.

  3. There is only feedback (cybernetic)-no such thing as failure.

  4. Meaning of your communication is the response you get.

  5. Adaptive intent of all behavior.

  6. Everyone has the necessary resources to succeed.

  7. Resistance is a signal of insufficient pacing.

  8. Law of requisite variety.


Additional concepts and topics fully covered include:


  • How to establish and maintain rapport.

  • Pacing and Leading (verbal and non verbal).

  • Calibration (sensory based experience).

  • Representational systems (predicates, and accessing cues).

  • Sub-modalities and the components of thought.

  • Using the Meta-Model to clarify outcomes.

  • The Milton-Model and applications to coaching.

  • Elicitation of well-formed, ecological outcomes and structures of present state.

  • Overlap and Translation of mind models.

  • Metaphor creation for enhanced communication.

  • Frames; contrast, relevancy, As If, Backtrack.

  • Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Anchoring (VAK).

  • Anchoring Techniques (contextualized to the field of application).

  • Ability to shift consciousness to external or internal, as required by the moment's task.

  • Dissociation and Association.

  • The Hierarchy of ideas & chunking.

  • Verbal and non-verbal elicitation of responses.

  • Accessing and building of resources.

  • Content and context reframing.

  • Strategies; detection, elicitation, utilization, & installation.

  • Demonstration of behavioral flexibility.

  • Advanced applications of NLP.

  • NLP and Coaching.

  • Life coaching methodology.

  • Advanced NLP Presentation Skills.

  • Teaching using NLP tools & techniques.

  • NLP and business.

  • The use of timeline techniques is instrumental in this level of NLP.

  • Business strategic planning session.

  • Marketing of professional services.

  • The seven step NLP sales process.


For a complete agenda with topics, prestudy resources and dates, contact us today.

Audience = Coaches, Managers, Therapists, Leaders

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