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High Impact Public Speaking

Master Your Presentations


Now you can learn and practice different types of public speaking skills. From a basic 60-minute introduction to becoming a paid professional speaker. 


Each is designed with a specific goal in mind and includes before and after video taping as well as professional evaluations for enhanced feedback. Following is a brief outline of our programs.


​The 45-Second Commercial

This type of presentation is critical if you network to promote your business. It involves a specific structure and step-by-step process that is used by top professionals to specify a problem and suggest themself as the solution. It ends with a call to action that is sure to get referrals.


You will be coached and led through each step as you memorize the best presentation of your business or ideas.

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The 7-Minute Sales Pitch

If you can't present the benefits of your product or service in seven minutes, and propose a deal and a call to action, then you may be speaking too much.


The ability to be concise and to the point is a treasured asset in business. By learning to present your proposal in a brief period, you force yourself to highlight the most important aspects of your product or service.


Your prospects will appreciate your ability to get to the point and conclude in a timely manner.

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Fearless Speaking

Designed especially for people who need to deliver presentations but suffer from anxiety, angst or outright fear of public speaking. Using a gentle yet firm format, participants are taken from their starting point to a fair competence level in a brief period.


Using NLP participants learn to reframe fear and perform at more comfortable levels - in just a few sessions. This is a painless process that allows people to freely express themselves in front of others.

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The 18-Minute Ted Talk

This format was popularized by the nationwide TED presentations being delivered by people of all backgrounds and across industry lines. It features efficient speaking on a specific topic as well as a maximum time of 18 minutes to deliver.


With proper structure and correct practice, this intermediate-advanced form of speaking can be easily mastered. Before and after video is used, direct feedback is provided and time is spent polishing the message.

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Global Trainer’s Training

This training session is designed to give participants the tools, techniques and skills needed to create and implement their own training programs. Based on the latest models endorsed by the ATD (Association for Training and Development) following are key topics taught:


  • Differences between training and facilitation.

  • Adult learning theory.

  • Bloom's taxonomy.

  • Kirkpatrick's 4 levels of evaluation.

  • How to write training objectives.

  • The ADDIE model of training design.

  • Accelerated teaching.

  • Training across cultures.

  • The seven world-views of learning.

  • What to look for in any culture.

  • Dealing with cultural conflicts.

  • Presenting with grace and poise.

  • How to divide or chunk training material.

  • Best room set-up for enhanced learning.

  • Facilitation skills for trainers.

  • Story-telling skills in training.

  • Creating a training outline to stay on track.

  • How the mind acquires knowledge.

  • A general model for creating training modules.

  • Becoming a world-class trainer.

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Become a Paid Professional Speaker

Ever wonder what it would take for you to become a paid professional public speaker? Have you ever wondered if you have the skills, experience or talent? Would you like a free evaluation from a 2-time Dean of the National Speakers Association Academy and 2-time President of the Dallas and Houston chapters?


Professional Public speaking is the ultimate way of providing leadership, direction and motivation. Now you can follow a proven system to get there as fast as you wish.


Delivered at the Academy in The Woodlands or via Skype, here is what you will learn:

1. Setting Your Business Foundation

2. The Professional Speaker's Business Plan

3. What to Speak on and How to Put it Together

4. Marketing Your Speaking Business

5. Selling Your Professional Services

6. Networking and Deepening Professional Relationships

7. Present Like a Pro - In-House Feedback Sessions Available

8. Platform Mechanics - Video Recording

9. Becoming an Author 

10. Global Speaking Strategies 

11. Managing the Business of Professional Speaking

12. Setting Up a Professional Home Office


You will be asked to read two books and go through the entire 160-page manual.


This specialized program can begin as soon as you are ready and we will go at your pace - fast or faster...


Each of the 12 modules is fully discussed and includes customized exercises so you develop the skills and tools you need - based on your initial evaluation.

Duration: 5 Months (5 Monthly 2-Hour Meetings after 3 Hour Orientation) 

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