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Sales Enhancement

Master sales professionals are masters of NLP. They are able to be trusted, listen intently, offer value and overcome objections to their proposal. Why? Because what they offer is what the prospect said he or she wants to begin with.

This seminar breaks down the major components of the sales process and helps students become aware of, and control, each step. In a highly interactive and entertaining fashion, even those who are 'not salespeople' enjoy the benefits of learning this valuable skill.

Novice and experienced sales professionals benefit from this course because they:

  • Learn to connect better with their prospects.

  • Ask better questions to qualify each prospect to save time.

  • Listen better and notice when the conversation is moving in the right direction.

  • Take charge of the entire sales process.

  • Notice 'buying signals' and quickly move to close.

  • Overcome virtually any objection easily and comfortably.


  • Practice key NLP tools and techniques related to sales.

  • Learn a specific, proven sales process.

  • Use closing techniques to enhance conversions.

  • Overcome the main objections to closing.

Main Topics

  • A quick overview of prospecting and mining.

  • The meaning marketing to find your best prospects.

  • Setting appointments and expectations.

  • The sales conversation.

  • How to establish value in your product or service.

  • Knowing when to ask for the sale - and asking.

  • A quick view of proposal writing.

  • 5 Closing techniques.

  • Overcoming objections.

  • Making it easy for the prospect to purchase your product or service.

  • Deliver and follow-up techniques.

Best results always come from the completion of the pre-seminar survey, where you give us detailed information about your product (s) or service (s).

Audience = Sales professionals at any level.

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