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Dr. Carlos Sanchez offers four presentations that promise to inspire, educate and empower your audience. Each has been presented hundreds of times and can be customized to meet your specific objectives. 

Presentations include:

  • Leaders Without Borders

Based on his best selling book, Dr. Sanchez explains the keys to building bridges between English and Spanish speakers in America. This presentation is ideal for leaders who work with people who speak mostly Spanish.​

  • Minds Without Borders

The objective is to give participants resources to help them use their mind to improve their quality of results - personal and professional. This presentation is based on hundreds of coaching cases, public seminars and real life experience.

  • Markets Without Borders

This session teaches audiences the difference between marketing and selling to Americans and the Hispanic market. Using real life examples, templates and checklists, professionals learn new ways to penetrate and sustain a presence in one of the fastest growing markets in America.

  • Speakers Without Borders

Specially written for public speakers and trainers who work with culturally diverse audiences. Gleaning from applied practical experience and cultural nuance from all over the planet, this presentation is sure to provide key insights that will make any international speaker more effective. 

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