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Become a Thought Leader

Lead Your Field

Thought leaders are sources of innovation, new ideas and inspiration. They teach the masses, create new opportunities and lead their field in their chosen topic. Every field has thought leaders and they are the influencers, the impactful and most successful.


In general, their success is by design. They spend countless hours researching, refining and packaging their message for best results. Now, you can follow a simple process to duplicate results. You too can become a thought leader – guru.

The most well known professionals in every field are thought leaders - people who took the steps needed to become outstanding in their field. The benefit by:

  • Commanding higher fees.

  • Receiving high status engagements.

  • Influencing groups and making a difference.

  • Being thought of as the source of ideas and information.


  • Learn a proven process to becoming a recognized expert.

  • Take advantage of opportunities to showcase ideas and provide leadership.

  • Publish a book on a specific topic that demonstrates high competence.

  • Position yourself in the market - to maximize exposure, fees and repute.

This is the premier service/seminar provided by Leaders Without Borders. After completing a 100-point assessment, you will be notified of acceptance and your first assignment will be issued.

Following are a few of the major topics you will cover:


  • Readiness assessment and expectation management.

  • How results are measured.

  • Decide your field.

    • Define the best angle of focus.​

  • Research your topic.

    • It is imperative to become an expert in a specific area.​

    • Steps to becoming an expert.

  • Practice self-mastery

    • Being coachable is a trait shared by successful people.​

    • Assessing your coach-ability factor.

    • Understanding the coaching process.

  • Focus your message.

    • Create a compelling message and turn it into a process.​

    • Define who your message is for and how to reach your audience.

  • Build a business model.

    • Financial success is the foundation of thought leader sustainability.​

    • Create your business model and sales process.

    • Learn effective marketing of your ideas.

  • Become a speaker.

    • Take the ten steps to becoming a paid professional speaker.​

    • Market your speaking business.

    • Speak to community organizations.

    • Join speaker associations.

  • Write your book.

    • Take our perspective author assessment.​

    • Planning your writing in busy times.

    • Create your writing plan.

    • Editing best practices and embellishments. 

    • Create a marketing plan for your book.

  • Marketing your ideas as a professional author and speaker.

    • Speaking for a living.​

    • Running a home based business.

    • Using social media to market your business.

    • Traditional marketing - blogging, networking, writing for magazines, etc.

  • Sustaining your business with monthly coaching.

Audience = Professionals ready to make this commitment and investment.

Calendar = Contact us for dates, location and time.