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Become an NLP Certified Coach


This specialized training is based on the principles and tools of neuro linguistic programming and the International NLP Society. Take this training and begin a career as an NLP coach.


For a complete outline, prerequisites and fees, contact us today.

Dr. Carlos also offers training and development services to individuals and organizations of all types and sizes. Each training session begins with an extensive data gathering session in the form of surveys, interviews and needs analysis.

We then proceed to put together the most impactful, customized and usable session possible. We do this in collaboration with your HR and Training Department to ensure that each session includes:

  • The latest thinking in the area being researched.

  • ​Your specific needs and observations.

  • Advanced design techniques including the ADDIE model.

  • Adult learning principles and andagogy techniques.

  • Accelerated learning for best retention.

  • Kirkpatrick's principles for proper evaluation.

  • Bilingual capabilities when needed.

  • Interactive and participatory design.

  • A suggested development model you see and approve before implementtaion.

  • Design focus groups when required.

  • Best understanding of your activities by working with your staff if needed.


All pilot programs are approved by your staff before implementation. We also make sure each activity is interactive and relevant.

Contact us if you have any questions.