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What is NLP?

NLP shows real people how to evaluate the ways in which they think, strategize, manage their emotional state and view the world.
This then enables them to positively change the way they set and achieve goals, build relationships with others, communicate and enhance their overall life skills. Sounds great, right? But where do you begin? Thankfully, that's where Dr. Carlos comes in!

The Personal Development Revolution

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is based on learning from the most successful and transferring their capability to others. In every field - business, sports, therapy, medicine, etc. you can learn best practices, thinking patterns, values, beliefs, behavior and dramatically enhance your results.

This revolutionized the personal development field as we now have a methodology for duplicating success.

People enjoy learning NLP for these reasons:

  • NLP helps you take control of your mind and learn how it works.

  • NLP helps you control your thoughts, the way you feel about things, your behavior and thus your results as well.

  • NLP helps you use the power of persuasion as you can develop excellent communication skills.

  • NLP helps you help others achieve more of what they want.

  • You can quickly overcome challenges in your personal, business and social life.

  • NLP helps you maximize your capabilities and achieve high levels of confidence.

  • Eliminate the impact of negative emotions including anger, fear, sadness, guilt, hurt and anxiety.

  • NLP opens the door to physical healing.

  • NLP helps you live passionately and increase success, joy and peace.

It is a state of the art set of communication methods for enhancing personal and professional development and for gracefully creating personal change. It is a leading discipline in applied neuro-science and accounts for thousands of the highest performing individuals by using its central tool: modeling.

NLP is also described as software for your brain -- allowing you to automatically tap into the kind of experiences you want to have and emerge resourceful in difficult situations. It is a model for understanding and duplicating excellence in human behavior, which allows you to 'think' in ways that empower you to achieve best results in your area of choice. 

When you use NLP you can do anything better, with enhanced focus and increased flexibility. That is, if you are losing weight or making sales, NLP is about doing what excellent performers do to get outstanding results. Get more information on being a Certified NLP Coach.

We teach the use of NLP in the following areas:

  • Business and Public Leadership

  • Professional Pubiic Speaking

  • Creativity and Authorship

  • Coaching and Performance Improvement

  • Sales and Business Development

  • Enhanced Public Communication

  • Persuasion and Negotiation

  • Professional Counseling

  • Improved Personal Results

  • Mind Development and Rapid Change

This also applies to people who wish to develop a resourceful mind, overcome some of life's most important challenges and to become better at what they do. 

Examples include:

  • Overcoming Stress

  • Rebounding from Dissapointment

  • Eliminating the Fear of Failure

  • Reducing the impact of Anger, Sadness and Hurt

  • Becoming a Better Leader

  • Learn to Assume Personal Responsibility for Everything in Your Life

  • Think Like a Top Athlete

  • Respond Well to Criticism

  • Eliminate the Fear of Public Speaking

  • Design the Life You Desire to Live

  • Deal Effectively with Abusive Individuals

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